10 Alternate Ways To Celebrate New Year’s Evening

Bidding farewell is never easy as it leaves us with a heavy heart, but when there’s a new horizon to traverse, gleaming with 365 days of new opportunities, simply board the expedition vessel. New Year’s Eve has always been magical offering a niche of budding hopes, aspirations, desires and fresh resolutions that begin to ring-in with the countdown. Typically, New Year’s celebrations revolve around high octane theme parties, gallons of drinks, deafening music and spending time on things and places where you might barely connect with people amidst the maddening crowd, leave alone yourself. Well, this is neither to condemn the party culture nor stereotype event enthusiasts, but a means to communicate that there could be interesting alternative promenade to welcome 2018; just in case you too have been on the lookout for engaging in something out of the box.

Be a trend setter and set yourself on liquor free high this New Year’s eve:

Attend a comedy show:

Unfortunately, there’s no dearth of tragedy around the globe that drown our minds and soul into a bowl full of sour soup throughout the year. With disheartening news on natural calamities, sexual assault, mass killings, protests and intense stories doing rounds, why not take a short break from the worldly affairs and laugh out loud at a comedy show. Attending a local stand-up comedy show with your buddy could release ‘endorphins’ and relieve your stressed mind.

Attend a spiritual retreat or Zen out with an exercise regimen:

One of the most common New Year resolutions entails health goals and yes, the idea is never stale. Kickstarting the year with some mindful yoga sessions or Zumba dancing could set your spirits reeling high. Make the choice depending on your true calling. There are quite a few studios across cities hosting yoga classes and you can do a quick search on Google to locate the nearest and appropriate centre. If you are wishful of immersing yourself in some spiritual teachings, try attending workshops that can offer meaningful techniques to embark on a rejuvenating journey of life.

Play a board game:

With everything technology driven these days we seldom get to lay our hands on a board game and are glued to consoles and smartphones. I fondly remember my childhood that kept me hooked onto varieties of fascinating and mind training board games. Why not relive those moments this New Year? Head to a café in your vicinity where you can spot ample games and ignite your competitive spirits while enjoying your favourite beverage. The best part of this deal is that you can spend adequate time with your kids and family as you pull them along to the New Year eve’s gaieties. If you’re not in the mood to go out, arrange an in-house get-together with close family members and involve them to play along.

Sing your heart out:

Most 31 December night parties, whether at mega-events or pubs play loud music. You can undoubtedly shake a leg at such parties but have you tried doing something offbeat such as signing at karaoke. In fact you can choose from a karaoke bar if you are in a mood to perform or simple hum your favourite numbers at bars that offer private karaoke rooms.

Enjoy some low key entertainment with wine and cheese:

If you feel that you’ve had enough of being a social butterfly through the year and wish to enjoy some solitude dedicated to self, indulge in some fine wine and cheese with your favourite movie on Netflix and adore your space. Remember, the idea is not to get drunk but just to raise a toast to the new beginnings. Have you been a party owl in 2017? Attempting to catnap this New Year’s Eve to recharge may not be a bad idea.

Hit your favourite destination:

If you have the yen, it least matters whether you travel solo or in company. If there’s been a terminus on your wish list, embark on your escapade fearlessly. There are several places around the world that host the best annual celebrations. Whether you choose a quiet island, beach, the snow-capped mountainous terrain, desserts or any metropolitan landscape to sketch your New Year’s prelude, revelries begin with the quest itself. Places like Rio de Janeiro, New York City, Sydney, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, Miami, Bangkok and many more on that hit list can offer a plethora of entertainment.

Fix a Cultural rendezvous at the museum or a concert:

A unique way to gait into 2018 could be to head to a museum in your city. That way you can escape the heavy crowds and high pitched music and dig in some historical, scientific and artistic artefact. If you have an eye for art, check out exhibition dates and book a visit to one that you find most intriguing. If you cherish light-hearted music, do a quick research on the upcoming musical or instrumental concerts in your city on December 31. There are umpteen concerts organized by bands and troupes that can offer you a bowl of warm soul curry.

Embroil all your senses with an elaborately indulgent meal:

If nothing specific catches your attention, what about dunking in some good food coupled with great company of your favourite people. There are plenty of restaurants and eateries across your city offering local and well as quality international cuisine. Treat yourself and your loved ones to a five course meal as you wait for the seconds’ countdown. Many standard dining places also host live music and you can marinate your thoughts and emotions of the passing year with some sugary melodies.

Escape to the theatres:

If you are a movie buff, watching films could be pretty regular for you. This New Year’s Eve tease your creative senses with some live entertainment by grabbing a seat to watch a play at your nearest auditorium. It doesn’t really matter which genre you opt to watch; comedy or drama, a local community theatre group’s performance will never let you down.

Weave a magic carpet with a positive return gift:

Most of us have more than we need and nothing could be more gratifying than sharing a bit of what we have. While you celebrate the seasonal magic, you can seek to spend some quality time with underprivileged children or destitute senior citizens who don’t have a family to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Visit an orphanage or a home for elderly and party the night out with them. I can vouch that this way you will pump in some more blood into your heart as fuel to vroom through the year.

There’s indeed no exhaustive ‘to-do’ list that you can plan around to welcome 2018. Dive with your zeal to pack the last night as the best one on 2017 calendar in your own exquisite way.

Wish you all a Very Happy 2018!!

10 Alternate Ways To Celebrate New Year’s Evening
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