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15 days of complete darkness in November prediction by NASA, a hoax.

Source: IBtimes

Are you crying foul or feel relieved to be informed against the mind boggling news that spread like fire concerning 15 days of sheer darkness to be influentially observed on Earth? Thankfully, we have some respite with the news being quoted as false that “the Earth will see a complete black-out for 15 days”, with the Sun expected to disappear for that long, obscuring humanity into experiencing  total eclipse for almost half a month. It was earlier predicted that the Sun would vanish on November 15, exactly at 3 AM and return to illuminate Earth’s sky only on November 30, at 4:15 PM. This event was calendar marked as an extremely rare phenomenon that happens only once in every million year.

The original prediction vis-à-vis reality:  Planets like Venus and Jupiter in the Solar System were to be held responsible for this extra-ordinary phenomenon to strike disaster on Earth’s natural source of energy and life. Both the planets were said to engage in an event of close parallelism on October 26, where at this juncture they would be separated by only one degree. It was sorted that Venus would be shining ten times brighter than Jupiter, triggering a chemical reaction on the gas giant to result in release of insurmountable quantities of Hydrogen into the Solar System. In the process, the Sun would be clouded with the ‘gas’, owing to the colossal gravitational pull, causing a series of explosions to occur on its surface. The surface temperature of the Sun had been estimated to reach 9000 Kelvin, accounting for almost one and half times the normal temperature.

An imaginary presentation of sun turning into blue. Source: Quora

Following Newton’s third law of motion, scientists anticipated that the Sun in its efforts to counter the immense amount of heat released from its core, would haze into a bluish colour, thereby dimming its radiance altogether. This occurrence would continue for 15 days, till Sun could regain its original prominence.

While several news reports flashed across television and social media, disseminating the probability of total darkness, some also claimed that the event would occur in June 2017. Neither NASA nor any other parallel recognized scientific organization has given its confirmation on the supposed occurrence to happen at all. In fact, the assimilation of the predicted event can be drawn back to the 2012 hoax of the dooming world. The rising rumours around Sun’s invisibility cited emergency preparedness from NASA administrators to face the blackout event. Charles Bolden, a former astronaut at NASA, had even issued a lengthy report noting that the darkness would be caused by an unprecedented astronomical alignment. However, the entire discussion around this projected fake news, traces its origin to 2015, when a news site called “Newswatch 33” published an article entitled “NASA confirms Earth will experience 15 days of complete darkness in November 2015.”

A presentation of earth with blue sun for 25 days. Source : Outerplaces.

Even in analyzing eclipses, astronomers have to first work out the geometrical calculations and mechanics that surround the gravitational fields of the Earth, Moon and the Sun to understand its implications on the celestial bodies. Experts say that some intricate observations and equations help in determining the relative positions of the Moon and the Sun as viewed from the vantage points of the Earth. Interestingly, these forecasts can be as accurate as otherwise.

However, the false reports that have been tickling our imaginations also drew imagery to battling 15 days of cold conditions, experiencing stalled photosynthesis that would prevent universal growth of plants and animals on the “sunless” planet. Contrary to all these rumours, now you can breathe a sigh of relief as such an occurrence is not slotted to take place in the near future; dampening Sun’s fortnight long vacation plans.

Article by Rochita.

15 days of complete darkness in November prediction by NASA, a hoax.
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1 Comment

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    December 3, 2017 at 11:58 am

    Thank you for helping out, great information. “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” by J. K. Rowling.

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