Amazon Kindle completed 10 years of journey, celebrates it with launch of Kindle Oasis Waterproof Ebook.

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If we rewind our lives to 10 years back, what was the prime aim of Amazon’s Kindle launch? It was to bring books to people. Yes, you read that right, books were brought to the people by merely clicking a screen, was the aim behind the Kindle by Amazon. It is safe to say that after completing 10 years of journey of the Kindle, we can proudly say that we are in love with the Kindle. For most obvious reasons that are, the books we read which otherwise would have been one hell of a task to do. Standing true to its word until the day, the Kindle sticks to its purpose of containing eBooks and not multitasking as a tablet, which is the general trend of almost everything today. This is actually the true spirit of a book which stays the same while the gadgets go under radical changes from time to time. Well done Amazon! Thanks for not turning our favorite modern-day book gadget into a real ‘texting and you tubing’ gadget. It has remained exclusively for the task it was built, that is, reading, reading and solely reading only. However, it is only normal to expect up gradation in the Kindle, being a gadget.

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If you look at the archives of the Kindle history, starting from the original Amazon’s EBook reader going on to the brand new 10th-anniversary edition- The New Kindle Oasis, there is not much which has changed rather than a better reading experience.

Who does not love this gadget? Perhaps this gadget has created a diversion in the younger generation from indulging them to games and social media to developing the delicate love towards reading books. No matter how great this gadget is, the journey through the years was not a constantly delightful ride. Kindle, known to many as ‘the iPod of reading’ was launched in November 2007. The first edition did not offer a touch screen which made the operating and navigating a difficult process. This caused a disappointment in users; however, the Kindle was swapped by its better twin in February 2009 which received better reviews and more purchasers.

People’s personal little library was not always people’s favorite forever. In between its journey of 10 years, the Apple launched its iPad, which stole the thunder from Kindle by Amazon. A bigger screen, better processing and the touch screen, light adjustment features, more storage space all this created a void between Kindle buyers for a significant amount of time. Amazon, however did not stay back, it launched its fourth generation- Kindle touch in September 2011 bringing back its core customers.

Every gadget faces an up-and-down experience in its entire lifetime, Kindle did too. But it is safe to say that it stays the favorite of all, and desired by many till date. The ride for Kindle has been overwhelming, as for the core book-readers this gadget has been a blessing. To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the Kindle has launched its 9th-generation the New Kindle oasis which is definitely going to lit up the book world.

The New Kindle Oasis


  1. The new Kindle oases, however, has been creating a lot of stir lately. Being the top choice for users, this new edition in the Kindle family is surely a worth-it buy. The most radical change that Amazon has introduced is the impressive 7 inches if the screen. For long the users have been complaining about the comparatively smaller screen for a gadget designed to be used for reading books, but with the new Kindle Oasis, this is truly the first thing all book readers wish.
  2. Another first for Kindle that was announced on the October 11 is the waterproofing. Now you can even enjoy your book in the shower.
  3. The most exciting feature, however, is the synchronizing to the audio books. Put On your headphones and get going with the audio experience.
  4. One thing you’re going to love for sure is the drop in price. We will take this as Amazon’s gift to its users by offering this skinny reading experience with far fewer prizes than the usual.
Amazon Kindle completed 10 years of journey, celebrates it with launch of Kindle Oasis Waterproof Ebook.
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