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Blasting aerosol into the sky to cool the planet might lead to drought and hurricanes.

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The purpose of stratospheric sulphate aerosols in the creation of global dimming effect stands the proof of its application in solar radiation management. This technique found to be economically, environmentally and technologically viable. Such injections could provide grace period of up to 20 years. The primary aerosol formation is also called homogeneous aerosol formation. It results when the gaseous SO2 mixes with water to form aqueous sulphuric acid. The acidic liquid solution will be in the form of vapour. The secondary heterogeneous aerosol formation occurs while H2SO4 vapour condenses into aerosol particles. The aerosol particles run into each other and create larger particles or droplets in a process known as coagulation.

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Different techniques have been proposed for aerosol precursor gases. Airliners could use lower quality sulfur rich fuels. This can be done in multiple airliners without any complexities. It could be changed at low cost in order to deliver enough amount of required material.

The precursor gases like sulphur dioxide and hydrogen sulphide have been considered. The use of gaseous sulphuric acid appears in order to reduce the problem of aerosol growth. Some materials like phototropic particles are also under consideration.

Injection System:

Artificially cooling the Earth in order to counter global warming is a risk strategy. Scientists have suggested that creating g artificial volcanic eruptions to fire aerosols into the atmosphere would help to cool the planet. This might have devastating effect on global regions as per the suggested research. The injections of aerosol have different impacts in accordance with the hemisphere. The artificial method for cooling the earth with aerosols to reduce the global warming effects is a riskier technique. Blocking the solar radiation would cool earth with the help of aerosols.

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Importance of Regulating Large Scale Geoengineering:

Gases would perform same role as volcanic ash. Researchers are planned to regulate large scale geo engineering. This has chance to protect the natural disasters in different parts of the world. The results confirm that riskier strategy will give benefit to the detriment of another. It is important that policy makers take solar geo-engineering act swiftly to install effective regulation. Researchers use facilitated simulations with coupled atmosphere ocean model to investigate the effect of hemispheric stratospheric aerosol injection.

The aerosols may increase the drought. The team found injections of aerosols and it may enhance the tropical cyclones in the North Atlantic. The innovative research centre on the solar geoengineering techniques injects aerosols into the atmosphere. The alternative method is known as stratospheric aerosol injection. It is designed to cool the Earth’s surface by the sunlight reflection.

The techniques are as same as volcanic eruptions in terms of natural injection of aerosols. Researchers use the best simulations with coupled atmosphere ocean model to find out the impact of hemispheric aerosol injection on North Atlantic tropical cyclone frequency. On the Northern atmosphere, the aerosol injections decrease the North tropical cyclone frequency while on the Southern atmosphere, the aerosol injections do not decrease. The result suggests that uncertain effects of solar geo-engineering will be the best approach to counteract global warming.

Article by Abirami.

Blasting aerosol into the sky to cool the planet might lead to drought and hurricanes.
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