Co-founder of unicorn InMobi is launching a bike-sharing startup in India.

Source: Techcrunch

The recent happenings in our country through the last couple of years has really changed the direction of industries, be it automobile or textile. With the concept of smart cities, and an active initiation to make citizens responsible for their surroundings the working of our country is really drifting away from the usual ‘Just Developing’ status. Automobiles, as we know of them, does not only comes in the face of a luxurious car or the sports vehicle which can even compete for the wind- the real aesthetic lies in riding the bicycle. Yes, you read that right, my friends. We are a country with billions of people, so it only makes sense to get this country on modern bikes.

The former co-founder of the billion-dollar startup InMobi- Mr. Amit Gupta is currently the co-founder of yet another start-up the Yulu. Yulu is being Co-founded by 4 individuals who have invested enough capital to last for another 9 months or so. These individuals will start looking for investors from inland or overseas once the demand and supply are stabilized and they have an operational metrics of their start-up for the investors to look in.

In another month or so, the Yulu start-up team is all set to launch its own rental-bike services in Bangalore with few hundreds of hikes, initially. This is definitely a step forward in the government’s smart city program, as it can be hired using the Android phone or the iOS gadget. It will be unlocked via the QR codes on the mobile application and can be cashed using one of the digital payment methods. The rider will be charged for 30 minutes of the ride, however, the prices are yet to be disclosed.

Many might think how this bike-sharing program is going to work? But the Yulu is working one, no, many steps ahead of our speculations. It has already contacted various state governments to construct bicycle-only lanes so as to prevent any threat to the safety of a biker. Also, it is working with a few agencies to create safe parking lots for the bikes.

Many say this bike-sharing service in India is created to compete with many global legendary companies, such as the Ofo and Mobile from China, or the Motivate (Ford) in the United States. When Amit Gupta asked about sake, his answer was exactly what it needed to be. He talked about how this industry is new to come in India, which can potentially benefit them economically. However, the Indian market is comprehensively unpredictable, so the guessing for how much profit or loss it causes stands unanswered. But, Gupta said, bike-sharing service is better in a lot of other aspects. We are always talking about traffic on road, and the Pollution levels in our national capital are a global issue; starting to use bikes, if not more, than even for the reasonable distances will be a start towards some improvement. Moreover, with the rising awareness in youth to keep up their fitness, a bicycle is yet the most suitable way to do that. It gives you a gist of the fresh air (which one can hardly get in a Gym) and also makes your body healthier. “That’s why it matters right now,” Gupta said. He mentioned how he had an itch in his mind to bring about a positive change in the society where he belonged while working in InMobi.

Well, as far as the beliefs of Gupta are concerned, I must say that it is indeed, revolutionary step. Our nation and the citizens are regressing health-wise. The pollution and increasing carbon emissions from the motor vehicles are taking down our environment, whereas diseases are taking down our human. Using rental bikes can considerably change the situation of our country’s deteriorating pollution levels, provided the citizens accept to take a bike as an option for their travel and not stick to their cars or scooter. We all see Hollywood movies and appreciate how they can use bicycles out on the road to college or work, but why shy away from it comes to you, too?

Let us hope for the best from the bike-sharing and swear to use as much of it as possible.

Article by Pooja.

Co-founder of unicorn InMobi is launching a bike-sharing startup in India.
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1 Comment

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