Delhi’s off-the-charts smog, here are few solutions to avoid it.

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It is a shame to say that our national capital New Delhi, this past month has earned a moderate distinction of becoming anything but the most polluted city on Earth. The air quality in New Delhi has reached epically bad proportions, promoting most of its residents to flee. Earlier this month on the November 8, pollution surprisingly surged so high that various monitoring stations maxed out their readings, reporting the upper limit of Air Quality as 999 air quality as the most hazardous category.

Most of the global airlines cancelled its flights to our national capital because of poor air quality. The visibility was in negative- is at all there was a term as such. Due to the poor visibility, cars crashed in big pileups on highways. Trains were delayed to late hours or many got cancelled.

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The parts per million (ppm) particles of size 10, have hazardously reached at an alarmingly rates. Everyone has been reading about the increasing rates of the PPM, but no one really knows what it does to the well-being of a human. To have a better, here is a briefing about the ppm, and its effects. Parts per Million is the concentration unit for a special kind of suspended particles in the air of diameter 10 micro meter. This size is permeable to the filters in our nostrils and lungs, therefore, these hazardous particles when breathed have potential to cause great damage to the lungs and life-threatening diseases. Now, in a healthy city with better air conditions will have low PPM concentration of this size 10 particle, which means a human is least likely to fall sick.

Air quality measurements in India on November 8, 2017. Berkeley Earth

The raise in the toxic particle will simply put the citizens on higher risk of long-term air borne diseases. These diseases are more or less incurable and most of the time causes a lifelong damage. The citizens in such condition are exposed to a threat as huge as smoking 50 cigarettes a day! Imagine how harmful an effect smoking 50 cigarettes a day can could cause, if we say 1 cigarette could start the permanent damage to the well-being of a person.

While the residents in New Delhi were choking on the little breath to breathe in, the usual Indian Politics took a stir, too. There was an expected blame game going on between the Chief Ministers of Delhi, Punjab and Haryana. However, in between this war of pollution, the Delimits were suffering hugely, being the gas chamber and dying inside. It is only safe to say that Delhi is working better on its air quality, but it is not out of the woods, yet. We can’t say if Delhi will ever reach the level of pure air quality, but significant measures could be taken to gradually decrease the worsen conditions which has been continuing for the third year, now.

World Health Organization

How can we create better breathing conditions in Delhi?
1. Any firework activity should be banned, or less, decreased down to the least.
2. People should realize the worsening condition and agree to any measures that the government suggests.
3. The central government should work out an alternative and effective technique for the Jhum cultivation. Although, this procedure has been followed by the farmers from as long as we can remember, it needs to be changed.
4. Citizens should realize the need to decrease traffic on the roads. Try carpooling or using more and more public transports. A large proportion of the air pollution is primarily caused by the traffic on the roads. In Delhi, the traffic is only increasing by the day.
5. Grow more trees anywhere and everywhere that you can. More than anything, growing trees could help the nature retain its old self.
6. Water the roads regularly, and not just when the pollution is on its peak level.
7. A considerate decrease in the use of pollution causing gadgets will give long-term benefits.
8. Ban the use of cars which do not fall under safety protocols.

Well, these are some most obvious ways to decrease the pollution. But what every citizen needs to realize is that it is high time now. It is a feeling of supreme power to own a vehicle, perhaps more in most of the cases but is it needed? Why can’t people today adjust with less, or say ‘sufficient’ amount of luxuries only? Perhaps we are as much responsible for the worsening of air conditions as anyone else. The change starts from us, and not from the authorities.

Article by Pooja.

Delhi’s off-the-charts smog, here are few solutions to avoid it.
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1 Comment

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