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Harry Potter invisibility cloak has finally come true. Metamaterial the science behind invisibility.

Source: Telegraph.

The metamaterial is science materials that do not happen due to nature but we humans created them by fabricating them in our laboratories. It enables us to create unusual and surprising things. It’s the new science that was introduced early in the 60s but couldn’t make the theory work in practice.

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Over the period of time scientists have used this technology in making some unusual and interesting things. These unusual also include the optical cloak. It has also developed the lenses which can actually work perfect than any traditional lenses. With the help of this technology, we are able to use more lenses that can help in working with different techniques such as being very thin and being able to face the direct light with no additional problems.

Meta materials general theme is being able to create some materials that can fabricate the light in ways that are not possible in one go. This creation has opened up great ways for the scientist to do the impossible research due to the light deficiency that is basically optical science. Meta materials are also playing a vital role in physics such as acoustics and thermal.

We can vision further in very easy and happening example, we are aware of the things that when an object is pushed in one direction, the force exerted will put them in the same direction. If we take this mass as a spring and if we put it in one direction by pushing it from hands it will go down and in the same direction but if we check, it actually goes in the opposite direction.

Metamaterials can be used for these ways too

  • Bend light to create some invisible cloak.
  • Build the satellite tracker that never needs to move. This can be used in making the technology for battlefield soldiers.
  • Metamaterials can reduce the size of chips and make it faster.
  • Can enable the broadband connections to be everywhere.
  • It may use in creating a camera that can compress the heavy images just like bulk data at airports.
  • It can build blocks for a high-speed fiber optic telecommunication.
  • Build better camera lenses.
  • Making the solar class that can be less bulky.

Article by Garima.

Harry Potter invisibility cloak has finally come true. Metamaterial the science behind invisibility.
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1 Comment

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