Honest – The Real World of Skin Care Product

The US FMCG market is the leader in research, novelty, production, branding and marketing of the consumer goods. Also, the united States have a surplus of skilled personnel in the FMCG field.

There are so many consumer goods companies in the US, producing and trading domestic or imported goods. One such FMCG company that has managed to sustain in the US consumer goods market – profitably of course – is Honest! But how does Honest Company manage to stand the competition and survive successfully in such a tough and competitive market?

In the sector of cosmetics and personal care products, it is very difficult to create your unique brand image and to sustain in the market with a good name! Honest has been able to just smash it – in a positive way though. Honest company is proud to introduce about us that we are known as “Honest” to people. Honest Company was started in the year of 2011 by Friyan Lee.  Honest is considerably a young player in the cosmetic industry – it is just 5 years old, and the company has created a very good name in a short span of time. Following have been the three main reasons for Honest to emerge as a tough competitor in the cosmetic industry to the others in the market:

  1. Carefully Priced Products: There is a general notion in the market that expensive cosmetics are of a better quality. Breaking the myth, Honest have priced their products very carefully not to hurt the pockets of people, at the same time not placing them too low! Also offering online shopping and “super-saver” packages, they stand unique in the market.
  2. Friendly Components: Most of the people would agree that the natural way of beautification is the best way. In Honest, all the cosmetics are prepared using herbal and natural ingredients, thus taking care of the skin in the best possible way. No side effects and best results – what more will a customer need?
  3. Smart Brand Extension: Honest has very strategically and smartly extended their product line from cosmetics to baby products to nutrition supplements. And all the products are made with utmost care, to suit the target audience perfectly. Thus the brand serves a wide range of consumers – men, women and children!

Honest company believes that, product should meet its functionality. The cleansers are designed in such a way that, they can remove grease, grime, dirt, dust, finger prints and nose prints. It is designed for sealed surface which needs shine including car windows and mirrors. The free and clear formula of product cleans without leaving any ammonia smell. The aim is to empower people to live a happy and healthy life. Spray the powder directly on surfaces of glass, mirrors or smooth. It is made up of USA and US imported materials.

The users are invited to become a permanent member of us. It is not a big task. Users have to just give email and password and sign in. Honest Company is built up by parents and offers diapers, wipes bundle, essential bundle and wellness bundle. Joining with them is easy and risk free. Once you become subscriber of them, you can automatically receive family products to the doorstep. Unless and until customers ask delivery for frequent times, products will be shipped every 4 weeks. A membership to diapers and wipes bundle come together. The organic infant formula and DHA Bundle comes together for the cost price of $59.95 to $110.95.


Honest – The Real World of Skin Care Product
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