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How intense physical exercise boosts your memory?

Source: medicalnewstoday

Have you ever felt fresh and rejuvenated after a 20 minutes’ walk? Have you ever realized that you get “mentally fit” in addition to the physical fitness that you attain post a powerful exercise? If the answer to the questions is in “yes”, you have felt just the right thing!

Your Brain and Heart are connected!

You now realize that recording far on your treadmill or bicycle can undoubtedly give you a lean body, but can also enflame your intellect, lift your efficiency, accelerate your energy, and boost your memory. A half an hour cardio session pumps additional blood into your brain, thus supplying more oxygen and nutrients to perform at its best efficiency. Cardio exercises also supplies your brain with hormones and chemicals which augment functions like memory, decision making skills, etc. No wonder why you get better ideas when you walk vigorously here and there! Recent studies have also supported the assumption that regular cardio exercises can bring about structural changes to your brain thus permanently improving memory!


The “B” Factor!

Every movement of your muscle tends to rush hormones to your brain. These hormones react with the brain chemicals called “Brain-derived neurotropic factor”, or the BDNF, which play a vital role in growth of the brain cells, regulation of mood, and of course – learning. BDNF can also be termed as food for the brain, as per Dr. John J. Ratey, associate professor of psychiatry in Harvard Medical School.

The Hormone Games!

Exercise also points the release of numerous crucial hormones, as mentioned below:

  • Serotonin, which is also called as “mood booster”.
  • Dopamine, which boosts learning and enhances attention.
  • Norepinephrine, which impacts attention, awareness, stimulus, and excitement.

This exercise-induced chemical reaction has a very powerful effect on your body and mind. There is another interesting study which claims that there is an increase in the size of the “hippocampus” part of the brain which controls memory.

The Cerebral Pro!

There is a study which states that people who exercise regularly on workdays are 25% more prolific and productive ( as quoted by International Journal of Workplace Health Management).  A good cardio workout does a lot good for you – boosts heartbeat, improves blood circulation, energy is revived, resulting in a better and clearer thinking. Thus a cardio-induced intelligibility can improve your thought process. So all you need to do is sweat a little and your brain is taken care!!

Mind Games!

Can You Solve These Difficult Brain Teasers?

If you are too bad at remembering passwords, forget the names, fail in Sudoku – it is time to nourish your brain with some exercise. According to a study conducted by Perceptual and Motor Skills, those women who were made to run on treadmills performed almost 20% better on memory challenges. They also displayed better problem-solving abilities by around 20%.

Not only the exercise, but the intensity of the workout also makes a big difference. The higher the intensity, better are the results, but at the same time over exhaustion also leads to lowered productivity and fatigue.

As a conclusion, we can say that the positive stress created by physical exercise helps brain cells to be more active and resist the negative stress!

Article by Abirami.

How intense physical exercise boosts your memory?
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