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India’s first private sector satellite has been launched by ISRO.

Image for representational purpose source : thenewindianexpress.

India has been launching many satellites since the year 1975. ISRO is the body responsible for designing, building, launching and operating these satellites. The first satellite to be launched by India is “Aryabhatta” launched in the year 1975.

ISRO launches have not been successfully attained from starting. The first preferred launch at 1979, SLV-3 was not successful; so was the launch of ASLV in 1987. PSLV have started its journeys at 1993 and it acts as space missions of India’s workhorse resulted as failure.

The biggest success story of ISRO is the launch of 104 satellites at once from the PSLV-C37 in 2017.  The PSLV flight of 39th and configuration of XL is 16th in standard.

First Private Sector Satellite Launch by India:

For the past of 40 years, ISRO agency of space research have attained forays of India and passed through the space. India has started to give the space for private sector to involve in our successful event of launching satellite. Indian-aircraft of satellites are inexpensive and dependable.

India has launched the a satellite at Sriharikota(SHAR) at 7:00 pm and it is the 1st satellite of private sector. The IRNSS-1H of 1,425 kg was planned to launch at the year of April 2018, has been launched at 31.08.2017 by the accreditation of PSLV. The IRNSS (Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System) -1H, this consortium was manufactured by Technologies of Alpha Design. Quoting ISRO chairman AS Kiran Kumar, “This is the first step of integrating private company to launch satellite. Also, it won’t stop with one company and in coming years we will append all the companies to mobilize satellite progress”. This private sector satellite is targeted to restore the 7 satellites of NAVIC’s at present that are not functioning properly. Global position system of Swadeshi have empowered with NAVIC system which is made up of seven art of satellite navigation. However, the launch has been reported as a failure. “PSLV’s-41st mission was not succeeded. The shield of heat was not separated and the coat of shield heat is covered to the satellite” reported by ISRO chairman AS Kiran Kumar. Also, the failure of the satellite and the rocker has not been tested yet.

A heat shield is designed to ensure the generation of heat produced by friction should not affect the satellite performance while it shoots to take-off from the earth. In case of a satellite, once it is ready to be placed in the orbit, it is supposed to separate and fall off.

Article by Abarimi.

India’s first private sector satellite has been launched by ISRO.
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