India’s multi-role fighter Tejas to be equipped with world’s fastest cruise missile -‘Brahmos Light’.

Source: brahmos aerospace.

In what appears to be a major tactical move, the BrahMos Missile was launched from Sukhoi 30MKI Fighter Jet and was aimed at a ship located in the Bay of Bengal. The hype surrounding BrahMos has heightened since India’s neighboring countries constant meddling in, and with its first successful launch it seems to be a successful wait. What separates BrahMos from other missiles is its precision and speed which can blow away target as far as 400kms in distance and at a blistering pace. BrahMos has been a part of Indian Navy and Army force since 2006, but the latest flagship weaponry has been revamped focusing on cutting edge technology and works on maximum impact principality.

The Sukhoi 30 Fighter Jets and BrahMos have been paired in such a manner where the former can cover a distance approximated around 1500kms and the latter adds 400kms to hit the bull’s eye. The Indian defense has been under scrutiny for quite some time now and talks of it using outdated weaponries had increased over the past few years. The BrahMos could be looked upon as another Indo-Russian machinery exchange as it is named under the two rivers Brahmaputra and Moskva. Speaking of blistering pace, BrahMos can travel 2.8 times faster than the sound of light and has been slashed by 500kilos when compared to the 3 tons machine used by the Army and Navy force. The BrahMos has already raised few eyebrows and is the fastest cruise missile in its category making it unavoidable threat.

Source: Dailymail.

Like any modern armament, The Brahmos has been designed in such a way that a preprogrammed attack can target specific terrorist camp with utmost precision. Adding to the accuracy, The BrahMos is equally adept in striking a moving target with the aid of inputs sent by Indian Military Satellite. However, the Brahmos will go through a series of tests to be conducted in 2019. In a time where formidable nations are racking up their stand-off precision strike weaponries, India’s successive successful test launch after the Nirbhay Subsonic Cruise Missile this month shows India’s grit and no nonsense attitude towards anything and everything suspicious. India’s most dependable sector the Naval Domain will be boosted with the incorporation of Nirbhay and BrahMos.

The Chinese war experts have been trying to knock down the Indians verbally by stating that the BrahMos could end up being innocuous and there are three different points that could limit its power. Firstly, the Russians are to be seen as the brains and China’s ability to tilt the European superpower should not be underestimated. Secondly, even with greater strike distance BrahMos may be limited due to India’s early threat detection and mid-course guidance system isn’t anywhere near high-octane. India’s satellite remains to be limited and this will keep the Indians from a full-fledged attack. Lastly, in a brutal assault the experts argued that China could easily overcome any aerial threat as most of India’s airbases are situated closer to the Indo-Tibetan Border.

This could be looked as a stepping stone in India’s warhead rejuvenation and India needs to up the number of Sukhois if it is to counter unwanted visits in the near future.

Article by Somdutta.

India’s multi-role fighter Tejas to be equipped with world’s fastest cruise missile -‘Brahmos Light’.
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