Luciana Vega, the American Girl of the year 2018. 11 years old and future astronaut

Luciana Vega is the American Girl Doll Company’s 2018 “Doll of the Year”. American Doll Company has announced that they will release it on 1st of January 2018. Luciana Vega is a 11 year old girl, who dreams of being an astronaut and going to mars. She has brown hair and dark eyes. It wears STEM inspired outfits. The doll comes in 18 inch size with a catalogue and three book series about Luciana’s life. Most of the kids are impressed with her spacesuit and backpack that the doll is wearing. People call her shortly as Lucy. The motive of this doll is to aspire the current generation girls to achieve their goals beyond the boundaries, risks and stereotypes of the society. The American Girl Doll company worked and discussed with NASA and scientists to develop the doll’s story. The most interesting fact is that the space suit wore by the doll is approved by NASA.

Now let’s see some of the motives of the doll Luciana Vega. As we have seen before Luciana Vega is a 11 year old girl who dreams of becoming the first person on Mars ever. This doll is the type of girl whom we would like to be friends with in our childhood. She encourages and inspire the girl children to chase their dreams. Luciana Vega’s main motive is to give serious life goals, especially for girl children. The doll’s appearance is designed as a confident and creative personality. It is the first doll that inspires STEM.

The designer of the doll says that we wanted to show the children that STEM are cool too. Children are waiting for January 1, 2018 to own the doll. It will be available on stores and online. Luciana Vega, the American Girl doll company’s 2018 edition follows Gabriela McBride, the company’s 2017 edition. Gabriela McBride was a dancer, artist and poet, who inspired people’s art side. Thus Luciana Vega proves to be a cretive and confident edition of the American doll company and it will sure become a bestselling doll.


Article by Abirami.

Luciana Vega, the American Girl of the year 2018. 11 years old and future astronaut
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