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Scientist find a solution by creating one vaccine instead of several vaccines

Source:The Independent

Vaccines are the ultimate cure for most of the deadly diseases. The first ever vaccine manufactured was of smallpox by Edward Jenner which served as basis of all the vaccines like, measles, tuberculosis, polio etc. Vaccines are the first line of defense and accurate solution of a particular disease. Since the manufacturing of vaccine has been encouraged, the morbidity rate is highly increased. Gone are the days when parents have to keep on a reminder of taking their children to be vaccinated several times. Not only adequate time was being consumed but also for some people it is miserable to bear the cost of each vaccine for their kids. Now, with latest technology not only ample time is saved but also now the cost is quite bearable. The innovative idea is of developing a single vaccine for several childhood diseases like mumps, measles, diphtheria being some of them. Scientist propose that they are going a create a tiny microscopic sealed packaging “coffee cups” which aredesigned like over the time the lids will degrade and the content inside will be spilled out. Also, this could be controlled as in the case of booster injections.

                                                                                                      Source: Scientific American

The team is from MIT led by Dr. Robert Langer who said that “a library can be created with encased vaccine particles and each can be programmed to release as a booster from time to time”. The team from MIT has already tested the technique in mice with enhanced immunological response after the injection. Now, the next trail relies on humans which is also believed to be successful soon as all the chemical and components of the techniques has been already permitted for humans. The only challenge faced by the team is to restore the functionality of the vaccines even at elevated temperature which in wither condition is stored in refrigerated condition. Scientists proposed this idea based on the idea that a single jab would encourage people to get vaccinated and overcome their fears. The technology will also help for medically compromised people as in those with diabetes and other serious allergies. Only after some of the minor challenges are overpowered, then the one jab idea be practically implemented with myriad applications in the modern world. This invention is not only advantageous as per view of boosting immune response of a child but also ethically justifiable in terms of protection and repetitive efforts of immunization. If overall technique is successful in humans, it will be a greatest revolution in the history of medical sciences.

Article by Vaishali.

Scientist find a solution by creating one vaccine instead of several vaccines
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