Super-moon 2017: Everything that you need to know about it.

Source: Vox.

On this Sunday sky watchers, Stargazers and astronomers will get a chance to see the first and the last supermoon of this year 2017. The last time the Moon appeared closer to Earth was in 2016 ever since 1948, The moon still going to be 16% brighter and 7% larger than the usual size of the moon.

What exactly is supermoon?

As per the science, we know that Moon revolves the Earth in a elliptical orbit. The reason for this is Earth is not the only planet that exerts gravitational pull on Moon, there are many Celestial bodies that exert external force on Moon which changes the course of the Moon rotation around the Earth. The Moon orbit is not perfectly circle, its in elliptical shape resulting in varying of distance from 252,000 to 226,000 miles between Moon and Earth.

Source: Vox.

The supermoon will be seen first in Britain 4.15pm GMT, but it will be closer to Earth before 9am on Monday morning. The moon may be in reddish hue, as the sunlight it reflects passes through Earth’s atmosphere, which takes out blue light more than red.

This coming week is going to be delight for the stargazers. Be sure to look for the clear skies to watch the Geminid meteor shower that is going to lit up the sky with more than 120 meteors per hour. In January there will be two Super-moons that are going to appear, one would be the Wolf Moon on January 2nd and the other will be in Blue Supermoon on January 31.


Super-moon 2017: Everything that you need to know about it.
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